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The everyday and the extraordinary loves of life. We have a one acre cold zone garden in rural Victoria, Australia. This blog chronicles its ever changing nature. We also love traveling and writing, our cats, the sea, cooking, and of course, our garden.

Poor wombat

This morning we discovered our poor resident wombat had been hit by a car. We live on a dirt road and it can be quite slippery but everyone is aware of this lovely boy making his slow pilgrimage each night. … Continue reading

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Mountain fern

Walking through our cold zone rainforest – love winter.

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Winter cauldron

Ready for the weekend: night air, a warm beverage and enveloping warmth….

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Cat walk

A cool winter’s afternoon and friend, in the garden.

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Cool morning stream

Misty mornings, drizzly rains and refreshing clear mountain streams…

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Kangaroo gate

Sometimes you just don’t know what you will encounter on a walk!

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Seaside succulents

Garden meets seaside Sorrento. Beautiful succulents, Eco shop and recycled metals.

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