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The everyday and the extraordinary loves of life. We have a one acre cold zone garden in rural Victoria, Australia. This blog chronicles its ever changing nature. We also love traveling and writing, our cats, the sea, cooking, and of course, our garden.

Bulb time

Bulb planting time – spent the last few days planting tons of bulbs. These were dug up from a large clump and released from each other to start anew. Happy gardening and always be … botanical. 🙂 #

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Country life

A cool morning walk – even the horsies are rugged up! A very dry start to autumn.

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A very hot weekend so we have escaped to the seaside. An early morning walk and one seagull to keep us company. We are mindful that some areas on the other side of Melbourne are impacted by bushfires. Tomorrow will … Continue reading

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Delicate and fragrant

Flowering here in the garden only once a year.

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Hot pink

These hot pink geraniums are putting on a show this summer.

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Wonderful Wednesday

Mid-week in the garden – weeding, raking and admiring the blushing rhododendrons.

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Goodbye mum

My mum passed away last week when the jacarandas were in full bloom. We will miss you so much xxx

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Botanical walk

A cool walk before the heat sets in – visiting the subtropics.

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Fern walk

Sharing time together and the power of ritual, nature and love.

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Time for a simpler life

Today as the new school term begins I am home and very excited to be a retired teacher. However, I am now calling this portion of life – renewal. May you too find your renewing moments this week – happy … Continue reading

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