Tractors, Trains and Automobiles

Our first extra warm day. The country towns which surround us are easily accessible and peaceful. If we were to choose the fourth reason why we live here it would be the close proximity to these regional centres. The weekend saw us off to a Buick car run – we have a 1982 Buick Riviera convertible but others in the club have much older ones, ’38’s and ’39’s!

20121028-213039.jpgThe roof went down to capture the much missed super sunshine. Our neighbour hitched a ride with us as we travelled to Muckleford. It sounds like a strange place and there’s nothing there except for a railway station which hosts steam train rides on weekends. These carriages have seen some sun!



20121028-213529.jpgTractor Pulls are a fascinating pastime. Some of these managed to pull their loads for nearly 80 metres!



20121028-214726.jpgNow I don’t know much about tractors but I do appreciate their raw power and earthiness. You can tell it’s nearing summer when the flies begin to descend on your lunch – salad nicoise – tuna, egg, cos lettuce and potato with extra virgin oil, grain mustard and apple cider vinegar! All this in a far away place away from shops and restaurants. At this point a horse and cart and its passengers meandered amidst the cars and trains and I wondered where I was! And there goes that steam train!


About crabandfish

The everyday and the extraordinary loves of life. We have a one acre cold zone garden in the mountains of rural Victoria, Australia. This blog chronicles its ever changing nature. We also love traveling and writing, our cats, our chickens, the sea, cooking, and of course, our garden.
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